Cancer And Aries Compatibility

Unique feature in Aries and Cancer relationship is that while both of them are devoted towards their families, Aries is not as highly devoted as Cancer. Aries loves freedom and too much affection or demands from the family might leave him or her suffocated at the end of it. For Aries, individual existence is premier consideration. In contrast, cancer loves intimacy and prefers mutual dependence. To some Aries might look cold, callous and indifferent in comparison while cancer may look too needy and extremely sensitive. Interesting part of Aries-Cancer relationship is that Cancer may feel that he or she is the sole contributor in the relation with the counterpart making none at all. Relationship and compatibility between these two Aries Cancer zodiac signs therefore hangs in balance and depends largely on the understanding of each other.



Aries can make Cancer understand the ways of independence while on turn can learn a lesson or two in compassion and sensitivity. But the keyword in a harmonious relationship would be adjustment. Crab has to control excessive swings of mood, a natural tendency with Cancer and Ram on turn have to keep under control the outgoing spirit, natural for Aries. The pairing is unique as it combines two completely different natures and therefore both partners should trade with caution. Aries may show intent interest in cancer making them both feel it is true love at the beginning.

But once the tender heart of Cancer opens up and accepts it, there could be deep trouble when Aries suddenly loses interest in the relationship. While the Cancer would go back to his or her shell, Aries will get bored and move on to some other destiny. And that could be the end of hitherto beautiful Cancer Aries relationship. Problem is that Aries fails to understand the indirect styles inherent to Cancer and thus lose patience. Aries may also feel the highly emotional world of Cancer irritable, limited, and unrealistic. Despite being deeply hurt, Cancer will try to cling to Aries as long as possible.

But once they get over these negative tendencies, the relationship could really flourish into something great. In result Cancer will open up Aries to emotional depths while Aries will inspire Cancer to relinquish his or her fears not based on facts.

Conclusion – All said and done, after the initial fire, both Cancer and Aries seems to drift apart but can easily be brought together once they develop and understanding towards the nature and needs of each other. It could either be a relationship made in heaven or in hell.

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