Cancer Woman And Aries Man

Basically Aries man loves instability and this is one attribute that does not go well with the cancer woman. Casual remarks made by Aries man can break the soft and highly vulnerable heart of Cancer woman. On the other hand the showering of love and affection by Cancer woman may leave the Aries man smothered.

Cancer woman would visualize a small yet cozy love nest for the two but this may not appeal to Aries man much. Extrovert nature and outward moves of Aries man may make Cancer woman jealous. Solution lies in Aries man learning exactly how to comfort his Cancer partner. To earn the much needed freedom he cherishes, he would have to comfort Cancer woman now and then. In such cases the relationship would not only flourish in love and friendship but will work smoothly for long term. When thrill of Aries comes in contact with sensitivity of Cancer, the combination is strange that of fire with water.


Yet the relationship would be warm and gentle for both. Like tides, the two will experience ups and downs in relationships but once the tide is over, they will have even more concrete relationship. Aries man provides security and protection to Cancer woman and becomes stimulating companion with exciting ideas as well as highly appreciating words. With his possessiveness Aries man always generates sense of security in Cancer woman though at time his words may hurt the Cancer woman substantially. Cancer woman has delicate feelings but is very loyal to the lover.

A synonym to calmness, love, and patience, Cancer woman is imaginative as well as intellectual. Above all; she is an expert in fulfilling demands of love by Aries partner. Though extremely possessive about her man she may irritate the Aries man at times because he wants complete freedom and wishes that his woman should have complete faith in his strength and ability. For perfect relationship; the Aries man has to learn not to make the Cancer woman feel insecure.

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