Aries Cancer Compatibility

Aries Woman And Cancer Man

When it comes to Aries woman and Cancer man, it is balancing between the outgoing and extrovert nature of the former with the comfort loving and introvert characteristics of the latter. Both Aries and Cancer have great attraction for each other but to ensure the relation works perfectly for long time they have to work hard. Otherwise, the attraction would wane too soon leaving them poles apart from each other.

Cancer Woman And Aries Man

Basically Aries man loves instability and this is one attribute that does not go well with the cancer woman. Casual remarks made by Aries man can break the soft and highly vulnerable heart of Cancer woman. On the other hand the showering of love and affection by Cancer woman may leave the Aries man smothered.

Aries And Cancer Compatibility

Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries by nature is impatient and this trait will not let them to sit in peace. They will keep challenging the problems of life and their environment. Both of them have different outlook on the life, Cancer gives great importance to home and their family whereas Aries comes with different tendency and they do not have much concern with this type of importance. This difference can make great dispute between two.

Cancer And Aries Compatibility

Unique feature in Aries and Cancer relationship is that while both of them are devoted towards their families, Aries is not as highly devoted as Cancer. Aries loves freedom and too much affection or demands from the family might leave him or her suffocated at the end of it. For Aries, individual existence is premier consideration. In contrast, cancer loves intimacy and prefers mutual dependence. To some Aries might look cold, callous and indifferent in comparison while cancer may look too needy and extremely sensitive.

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